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There is no universal way to happiness

But there is something that marks all successful people

They look at the bigger picture, set ambitious goals and know exactly what they want

They have a power of intention, are capable of inspiring themselves and others

They find the most efficient loading points which produce the maximum results

Make your own way

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with goals and wishes that spark something in you

If we know what we want, we get a chance to achieve it. If we don't, there isn't even a chance

Draw inspiration from the general catalog of wishes in every aspect of life

Draw inspiration from the general catalog of wishes in every aspect of life



Vivid Life






Our goals and wishes are a radio receiver in our head, one that catches what it is set for

There are people who find opportunities and valuable ideas in everything they run into on their way. The know exactly what they want and can transform every situation in a way that would benefit their goals, while others fail to see opportunities even where they are clearly standing right in front of them

Goals with vivid images will turn your attention into a powerful filter which will draw maximum use from books, videos, learning and communication


efficient ideas

Create your own database of useful ideas, lifehacks and successful actions

Add your own thoughts and the thoughts of other people which inspire you. Collect all of this in one place! Intelligent classification and rating systems will help you quickly find the most potent ideas connected with any aspect of life. Follow people and groups or create your own.

phrase your thoughts concisely and succintly

The ability to get undertanding and agreement from people is probably the most important life skill, and it is directly connected with how clearly you express yourself

Find the most simple and succint phrases when you add an idea


your collection

Structure the most valuable principles that serve as guidance in your life to be happier and more efficient

Mark the strongest thoughts

Create and tag thoughts

Mark the strongest thoughts

You can use the result to write a book or a blog post

Tasks to implement thoughts.Tasks to implement thoughts.


Create tasks based on the best thoughts

You can be the author of amazing ideas, but that's not enough, you have to act!

Don't procrastinate!

start implementing your tasks

No matter how complicated a task seems, there is always a simple action which guarantees that it will be done

The idea of fast obliging actions is to quickly bring yourself to the point of no return, after which it will be impossible to do nothing. For example: pay for the gym or a training right now, make a call and promise something to a person of authority, make a public statement. It is always a very simple action that takes from a minute to an hour.

Actions which guarantee that the task will be done.